Rugen Fisch262

Rugen Fisch provides you with a wide selection of precooked fish, which can be mixed with a vast range of sauces. Rugen Fisch makes sure that their products reach its clients as fresh as possible. Apart from this, their products are made with ingredients specifically chosen by themselves in order to guarantee the best of tastes.


About Nectar

In Greek mythology, nectar is considered a beverage of the gods, which conferred immortality on any mortal lucky enough to partake of it. This inspired the name of the company when, in 1991, Nectar Limited was established as a partnership with the aim of importing and distributing quality food and beverages across Malta and Gozo.

Our Core Values

Excellence in distribution - Nectar Group’s vision is to excel in distribution in order to be on the forefront of Malta’s importation and distribution industry within the food and beverage sector. Our team aspires to achieve this in a competitive and responsible manner not only by supplying superior quality products but by striving for excellence in maintaining best practices and care for society.

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